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Student Voices (Australia, Currambena)

Bronte Parkin (former student) will speak about her study of how Currambena runs and what she learnt about other democratic schools and their differences from Currambena.

Alice Kimber (current student) will speak about her project on the history and philosophy of the school, how the school has influenced her and given her a voice and confidence to be who she is today.

Claudia Daly (former student) will speak about our beautiful conference location, Naamaroo and the beautiful setting of Lane Cove National Park.  

Valeria Camero Rivas (former student) is going to speak about dyslexia, Valeria has dyslexia and will be speaking about her experiences to raise awareness and educate others.

Kamohelo (former student) will talk about the principles and ideas of democratic education that are guiding not only his learning but also his way of living. Having just finished primary school, he is enrolled at Lindfield Learning Village in Sydney and will speak about his transition (Via Skype).