APDEC 2019 Program


Please note: The full APDEC 2019 Program is currently under development. Updates will be made on this page as they are available.

In the spirit of IDEC and the three previous APDEC conferences, some part of APDEC 2019 will have speakers and presenters scheduled on the program and some of it will be kept open for participants to offer their presentations in whatever form they want. This is what we call OPEN SPACE. You can let us know prior to the conference if you would like to be responsible for an Open Space session or you can post your idea once you are at the conference.

The theme is STUDENTS’ VOICES and we hope that all presenters will reflect on this and include some aspect of agency for children and students in their sessions.

As APDEC 2019 is also honouring and celebrating the 50th anniversary of Currambena, we have invited current and former students of Currambena to make their voices heard as well as young people from our APDEC neighbours. We hope to have some local and international thought provocateurs in education to enliven and challenge us.

As well as the presentations, there will be time and spaces for making art, craft, music, drama, games, bush walks and experiencing the Australian environment.

We plan to spend a whole day at Currambena and another at Kinma, two democratic primary schools in Sydney.


Please feel free to share your work or your experience in any form – dance, role play, movie, PowerPoint, discussions or talks to engage with those who choose to join us at this gathering. While you are at the conference, you will be free to choose where you want to be. There will be many parallel sessions and other activities going on simultaneously… and if you want to be by yourself or have a chat with someone on the grass – that is wonderful too… participate, in any way you choose!

The conference is a free and respectful space and we encourage everyone to respect themselves and others with friendship and affection.