APDEC 2019
APDEC 2019
Australia-Pacific Democratic Education Conference


The Asia-Pacific Democratic Education Conference (APDEC) brings together a network of schools, learning places and individuals in the Asia Pacific region who are interested in democratic principles and practices in education. The first APDEC was held in July 2016 and was organised by graduates of the Holistic School, a democratic school in Taiwan.

APDEC 2017 was in Tokyo, hosted by Shure University and the Japan Free School movement. Fifteen different countries were represented. In 2018, APDEC was held at IDEC (International Democratic Education Conference) in India. Many young people participated and shared diverse experiences in their lives from India’s children’s parliament to gender issues in their learning places.


The APDEC spirit

“The Asia-Pacific Democratic Conference (APDEC) has been formed, in the spirit of the International Democratic Education Conference (IDEC), to connect the diverse cultures and education communities in the region. We want to support each other in the process and development of Democratic Education. Our hope is that the unique qualities of the countries and areas of the Asia-Pacific region will be celebrated and respected through the formation and growth of this network.”

Statement from the first APDEC held at Holistic School in Taiwan, 24th July 2016.

APDEC 2019

APDEC 2019 in Sydney will bring together the democratic education community in our region to build on local, national and international knowledge and experience. APDEC will provide an open, inclusive forum for like-minded people from around the world to discuss methodologies and experiences in democratic education. Through creating a space of learning and sharing, APDEC 2019 will enable learners, educators, policy makers and other key stakeholders to build on and enhance approaches and methods which value student voices.

Conference Theme

The theme of our conference is students’ voices – underpinning our values of mutual respect, equality and listening to others, most importantly young people, as learners, leaders and as change agents. With a number of keynote speakers, open space interactive sessions and workshops, the conference will highlight and promote the positive impact of democratic education.

APDEC 2019 will align with Currambena Preschool and Primary’s 50th birthday. We will celebrate what has been achieved through the years at this special place in Sydney and look to the future of democratic education.

Our Vision

  • Fostering a life-long love of learning through valuing students’ voices and dreams

  • Inspiring tomorrow’s democratic schools, learning spaces and students to be ready to accept challenges and develop greater agency in their societies

  • Promoting mutual respect and equal democratic access for all