APDEC 2019
APDEC 2019
Australia-Pacific Democratic Education Conference

Monday 15th to Saturday 20th July 2019

2019: Students’ Voices

APDEC 2019 in Sydney will bring together the democratic education community in our region to build on local, national and international knowledge and experience. APDEC will provide an open, inclusive forum for like-minded people from around the world to discuss methodologies and experiences in democratic education. Through creating a space of learning and sharing at Naamaroo, APDEC 2019 will enable learners, educators, policy makers and other key stakeholders to build on and enhance approaches and methods which value student voices.

The theme of our conference is students’ voices – underpinning our values of mutual respect, equality and listening to others, most importantly young people, as learners, leaders and as change agents. With a number of keynote speakers, open space interactive sessions and workshops, the conference will highlight and promote the positive impact of democratic education.




Adults: $997 per person
Students (aged 14-18): $737 per person
Children (aged 13 or under): $547 per person
Groups: $697 per person (Valid for group bookings of 10 or more)


Monday 15th July
Adults: $77 per person, includes dinner at the venue.
Children 18 or under: FREE if attending with a paying adult.

Day Sessions (16th-19th July):
Adults: $127 per person
Students (aged 14-18): $97 per person
Children (aged 13 or under): $57 per person



In the spirit of IDEC and the three previous APDEC conferences, some part of APDEC 2019 will have speakers and presenters scheduled on the program and some of it will be kept open for participants to offer their presentations in whatever form they want. This is what we call OPEN SPACE. You can let us know prior to the conference if you would like to be responsible for an Open Space session or you can post your idea once you are at the conference.

The theme is STUDENTS’ VOICES and we hope that all presenters will reflect on this and include some aspect of agency for children and students in their sessions.


APDEC Speakers

  • Robin Grille
    Psychologist & parenting educator

  • Anna Richardson
    Children’s Rights Specialist 

  • Patrick Price
    NSW Department of Education

  • Peter Hutton
    Templestowe College

  • Pasi Sahlberg (via skype)
    Gonski Institute / UNSW

  • Shen Wei
    The Holistic School, TAIWAN

  • Dr. Rebecca English
    Queensland University of Technology

  • Henry Readhead
    Summerhill School, UK

  • Michael Retzer
    University of Marburg, Germany

  • Nikki Harre (via Skype)
    University of Auckland

  • Tae Wook-Ha
    University of Daejeon / Institute of Democratic Education & Alternatives

  • Several Student Speakers

  • More to be announced…



APDEC 2019 Registration

Registration is now available online via TryBooking.

If you have any questions about the registration process, please email enquiries@apdec2019.org